VJ Aineko VJ V-Jaay Geeks on Heels Classical VJ/DJ Duo
geeks on heels

Once upon a time... not so very long ago, in the magical city of Istanbul, a huge crash occurred.
In a whirlwind of visuals, skirts and electronics, three uniquely different vjettes gravitated into each others work, life and imagination, creating an unstoppable visual movement: Geeks On Heels!

Bringing with them technology they abuse in such unspeakable ways, they create the unimaginable. The flow of their video recaptured the attention of the people to the screen. The energy of their performance made the crowds unable to look away. Hand feeding the crowds till they're full, the Geeks have taken over the nights. 

Geeks on Heels

Seen at:

Halloween Hairball @ Paradiso
Too many dicks on the dancefloor @ Paradiso (GayPride)
NOW!Dance festival

Ball Masque MMX (NYE) @ Paradiso
Lovedance @ Paradiso
Zonde! @ Paradiso
Rooms of Red Bull


Geeks on Heels is a Female VJ collective that combine VJing with performance. This egdy group delivers unique concepts that entertain the audience, but also encourage interaction with the audience.



In 2010 the GEEKS on HEELS got nominated for a Gouden Kabouter Award (Best new act).
In 2011 GEEKS on HEELS got nominated for the best VJ award.

VJ Aineko VJ V-Jaay Geeks on Heels Classical VJ/DJ Duo